COVID-19 Regulation Updates

The travel document requirements during the public activity restrictions (PPKM) effective from 18 May 2022 until further notice

Passenger Category Vaccine Requirement
> 18 years old Already vaccinated the third dose (booster)

Third dose Vaccine Certificate, exception applies to All foreigner (WNA) who wishes to travel inside the country must be vaccinated with second dose (mandatory)

6 - 17 years old Second dose of Vaccine

Must be vaccinated with at least second dose. Traveler from abroad continuing a domestic journey is exempted from vaccination requirement

< 6 years old Excluded from vaccine travel requirements and PCR/antigen test results Mandatory to travel with guardian who has been fully vaccinated
Special health condition Not yet vaccinated due to special health conditions/comorbid diseases

Mandatory to bring a doctor&#39;s statement from a Government Hospital
stating that the person concerned has not/or is unable to take part in the COVID-19 vaccination


Important Notes

  1. Negative COVID-19 test results must be published from one of the health facilities registered on the Indonesian Health Ministry that you can find here and passengers must make sure that it is uploaded to the eHAC system integrated to PeduliLindungi app by the health facility
  2. If there is a different requirement between the origin and destination, the regulations follow the more stringent requirements or follow the local Port Health Office (KKP) policies
  3. All passengers required to fill Electronic Health Alert Card (eHAC) that that is integrated with the PeduliLindungi app which can be downloaded on Android and iOS
  4. The provisions for children over 6 years old follow the general provisions of Passengers. Passengers aged 6-17 years and have received the 2nd dose of vaccine are exempt from the Antigen test requirements
  5. Passengers with urgent traveling purposes and are not yet or cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons based on a statement letter from a medical specialist from a Government Hospitals may continue their journey by providing negative RT-PCR results based on the destination requirements
  6. Passengers departing from areas that do not have RT-PCR test facilities that can publish results in a short time are encouraged to confirm the policy of the departure airport authority by contacting the local TransNusa branch office
  7. Passengers departing from border areas and 3T areas (tertinggal, terdepan & terluar) where there are no Health facilities which provide COVID-19 Test facilities (RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen test) and already received the first dose of vaccination or have not been vaccinatedcould continue to depart with the following conditions: 
    Journey other than to Bali Island: Allowed by the Departure Airport Authority with the possibility of additional provisions from the Arrival Airport Authority at the cost of the passengers’ own expense.

    Journey to Bali Island :

    >>  Allowed by the Departure Airport Authority
    >> At least have a Negative Rapid Antigen Test Result upon departure
    >> According to the provisions of the authorities in Bali, passengers will be re-tested RT-PCR in Bali at the cost of the passengers’ own expense.
  8. Domestic transit/connecting flight passengers (without exiting the transit area) may follow the final destination requirements
  9. International flight passengers entering Indonesia with a connecting to domestic flight destination must follow the international arrival requirements (please see International Flight Entering Indonesia below) and the final domestic destination requirements as above
  10. Foreigners who are not/yet vaccinated and are leaving the Indonesian territory through a transit/connecting domestic flight are not required to show a vaccine certificate, as long they do not leave the airport area during transit and are permitted by the local Port Health Authority (KKP) at the departure airport
  11. Additional requirements referring to local provisions Bali (DPS), for passengers already vaccinated the first dose / not yet vaccinated so it must be accompanied by a negative PCR / Antigen result: If the negative test result for COVID-19 has not been integrated with PeduliLindungi, the negative test result printout of the RT-PCR test must be accompanied by a barcode / QR Code

Besides the above requirements, upon arrival at the destination airport, passengers are possible to go through additional health checks or to fill other forms/statement letters required by local authorities/local government.


Passengers are requested to download and use the PeduliLindungi application for the process of checking flight requirements documents (vaccine certificates and negative COVID-19 test results) at the departure airport. We recommend that passengers also carry a print out of the original required documents (vaccine certificate and negative COVID-19 test result) before arriving at the departure airport as back up.


This provision is based on the Task Force for Handling COVID-19 Circular Number 18 of 2022 and Ministry of Transportation Circular Number 56 of 2022, and effective from May 18th, 2022 until further notice.


TransNusa is not responsible for any lack or mistake on any of the required documents and has the right to cancel the flight of any passenger that does not meet the requirement.