COVID-19 Regulation Updates


Effective September 1st, 2022

Based on the Circular Letter of the Indonesia Covid-19 Task Force number 24 & 25, year 2022

Before travel to Indonesia, please take a note:

  • All Indonesian Citizen can enter the country
  • All foreign travelers are allowed to enter the territory of Indonesia with one of these criteria:
    • Obtain a visa (visa Indonesia) ;
    • Foreign nationals who enter Indonesia under the Travel Corridor Arrangement scheme (United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, Singapore);
    • Hold a written permit from related Ministry or Institution.

For All Indonesian Citizen and Foreign Nationals arriving in Indonesia, please note:

  • Travelers is required to download and use the SatuSehat​ apps on their phone or tablets prior departure.
  • Travelers are not required to show a negative result of RT-PCR test, which is undertaken at the country/region of origin.
  • Isolation or self-quarantine are not required for travellers who are fully vaccinated with booster (third dose) of COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Travellers arriving in Indonesia must provide a COVID-19 vaccination certificate (physical or digital) with a complete vaccination and booster of COVID-19 at least 14 days before departure.
No All International Travellers
(Indonesian Citizens and Foreign Nationals)
1st Dose 2nd Dose 3rd (Booster)
1 All travellers 18 years old and above


2 All travellers below 18 years old Not Mandatory      
3 All domestic travellers with special health conditions or comorbid diseases that prevent them from receiving the
COVID-19 vaccination*
4 who have completed the isolation of COVID-19 treatment and have been declared clear from COVID-19, but unable to receive another dose vaccination for COVID-19*      
5 who have completed the isolation of COVID-19 treatment and have been declared clear from COVID-19, but unable to receive another dose vaccination for COVID-19*      

Foreign nationals who intend to travel domestically in order to depart from the territory of Indonesia, as long as they do not leave the airport area during transit process, provided that they:

(i) have been authorized by the Port Health Office and

(ii) show a flight ticket schedule for direct transit from the city of departure to the international airport in Indonesia



Important Notes

*: Provide a letter as evidenced by a doctor’s certificate from the government hospital of the country/ region of origin of departure.

**: For Indonesian citizens who have not received any vaccination overseas, then they’ll get the vaccination upon entry point after an examination of COVID-19 symptoms.

***: For foreign nationals, currently in Indonesia and wish to do domestic or international travel from Indonesia, will get the vaccination via programme based on the regulation.


Health Protocol upon arrival at Entry Point:

  • Document checking (as mentioned above).
  • Health examination regarding COVID-19 symptoms, including body temperature check

If detected with COVID-19 like symptoms, then:

No. Note Follow Ups
1. Taking a RT-PCR to confirm Wait for the result in hotels or other facilities
2. If the RT-PCR result is negative

Travelers can proceed and be advised to keep a health check within 14 days.

3. If the RT-PCR result is positive

Following the regulation of the COVID-19 task force for positive cases.

Without symptoms or mild symptoms: self-quarantine in hotels or provided facilities within the advised
timeline from the COVID-19 task force and Health Ministry 

Moderate and severe symptoms: the quarantine will be taken in hospitals with timeline from the COVID-
19 task force and Health Ministry and based on the condition.


Note: all the cost incurred, for Indonesian citizens will be paid by Indonesian Government and for foreign nationals will be paid individually or by the sponsor given the advisable permit to enter Indonesia.


For Indonesian citizen traveling overseas from departure point in Indonesia

All Indonesian citizens traveling overseas, must complete all the requirement which includes showing a COVID-19 vaccination certificate (physical or digital) with a complete vaccination and booster of COVID-19 at least 14 days before departure via application SatuSehat.


The requirement above is excluded to:

  • Those with special health conditions or comorbid disease that prevent travellers from receiving the vaccination, as evidenced by a doctor’s certificate from the government hospital of the country/region of origin of departure.
  • Those who have completed the isolation of Covid-19, but unable to receive second dose vaccination for Covid-19, required to bring a Covid-19 recovery certificate issued by government hospitals or Ministry of Health.


Relaxation of Requirements to Malaysia

Effective on August 1st , 2022, the Malaysian Ministry of Health has announced the relaxation of requirements for travelers to enter Malaysia. 

  1. Wearing masks on board is no longer mandatory but is optional, except for flights to destination countries where masks are compulsory. However, it is highly recommended for the following criteria of passengers:
    1. with symptoms such as fever, cough, and cold.
    2. at high risk such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases, with low immunity, and pregnant mothers.
    3. traveling with high-risk people such as the elderly and children
  2. Travelers are no longer required:
    1. Traveler’s Card.
    2. Pre-Departure Test (PDT) and On Arrival Test (OAT)
    3. Home Surveillance Order or Quarantine

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*Kindly note that travelers may be asked to display their vaccine certificate prior to boarding, subject to airline requirements