1. Pre-booked meals can be ordered up to 12 (twelve) hours before flight time..
  2. Menu options of meal selection subject to variation from time to time. Food may contain nuts, gluten, seafood, eggs or dairy.
  3. The provision of in-flight products advertised program or meals is subject to availability.
  4. To comply with the maximum safety standards for food operations onboard, we will continue to serve food and beverages, but with limited menu options. Only packaged snacks such as biscuits, waffles, chocolates, cup noodles, mineral water, canned/packaged drinks, juices, teas and coffees are available for purchase onboard.
  5. Hot meals are available only if you have pre-booked at least 4 hours before departure time.
  6. Changes to pre-booked meals may only be done more than 24 hours prior to flight departure time. You must pay the price difference if the price of the new meal booked is higher than original meal paid.
  7. The boarding pass is proof of purchase of a pre-booked meal, and you can show it to our cabin crew onboard to redeem the pre-booked meal during the flight. No other form of redemption will be entertained.
  8. TransNusa reserves the right to substitute any component of a pre-booked meal or change the recipe or specifications of a pre-booked meal. TransNusa will ensure that the value of a pre-booked meal that has been changed is equal to the previous one.
  9. If TransNusa cannot serve certain pre-booked meals due to supply issues during this movement control period, TransNusa will substitute the affected meals with a new meal.